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Are you beginning to notice the disappearance of many natural health products from the shelves of your local health food store? Even the health food sections of the larger grocery stores and big box stores are shrinking. And it looks as though this decline in natural health products will continue for some time yet.

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Implementation of the "Food Safety Law" to promote the healthy development of additives industry - food additives, food safety - Food Indust
?? Interview Food Additives And the ingredients in the Association Qing Qi Qi Qing held that " Food Safety Law "promulgated and implemented the legal system of China's food safety regulatory process in the important milestone of great significance and far-reaching. This law will prevent, control and elimination of food contamination and harmful factors in food harm the human body, prevent and reduce the incidence of foodborne diseases, ensure food safety, protect public health and safety play an important role, on China's food Additives and healthy development of the industry will have a positive impact.

Basic food safety issues can not be ignored - food safety, food safety law - Food Industry
Recently, Feidong Standing Committee on the implementation of the county " Food Safety Law "conducted an investigation. From the research situation, the county will seriously implement the " Food Security Act ", and constantly increase the food safety supervision, and further standardize the county Food market Order to ensure that the masses eat "their food," but there are still many problems of food security can not be ignored: The first legal awareness

Overview of ISO 22000 Standard for Food Safety Management System
The ISO body has published the new system as Food safety management system as ISO 22000: 2005 as Food safety management system - requirements, which cover all FDA requirements through various clauses of ISO 22000. Food safety management system is related to the presence of food borne hazards in food at the point of consumption. As the introduction of food safety hazards can occur at any stage of the food chain, adequate control throughout the food chain is essential. Thus, food safety is ensured through the combined efforts of all personnel.

Understanding the Benefits of Organic Food
In this fast-paced modern lifestyles where conventional food has become common for all the individuals, organic food has its own importance. With the growing rate of diseases and health issues, organic food is an excellent alternative providing you the required nutrition. Read on to know the major benefits of organic food.

Beijing, food safety regulations - food safety, regulations, food - Food Industry Industry
"In Beijing Food Safety Regulations "by the Beijing Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee of the twelfth meeting of 40th November 30, 2007, is hereby promulgated, January 1, 2008 shall come into force.

Why Organic Food is Food for the Future
The trend towards organic food is arguably the biggest paradigm shift in food production since the agricultural revolution centuries ago A system of methods completely different from the current system of procuring food, the organic system aims to revolutionize how we see, make, and eat our food

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